Create Innovative Customer Support Applications

The NetMinded app automates your customer support and reduces the cost of scaling your business.

Reduce Customer Calls and Shorten Resolution Times

SeeThru Networks NetMinded App

Give your customers a full view of their connection and service state.

Automate message delivery for common problems.

Utilise group targeted messaging (Is it just me?).

Communicate en-masse to your customers. Let them know when you’re working on issues.

Improve support outcomes for speedtest issues with our comprehensive router/device test framework (TR143, iPerf etc).

Encourage your customers to self-support with an intuitive jargon-free interface.

The NetMinded app is available for same day setup at a low monthly cost which scales with customer acquisition. The app can carry your branding, and additional services can be readily developed and integrated to meet your specific needs.

Stream All of Your Operational Data From One Place

Use NetMinded to build your automated customer support solution. Drive the real-time customer support conversation with your existing network management systems. Add information from Cloud controller APIs, AAA systems, TR069 ACS platforms, Ethernet Connectivity, Fault Management and more.

Automate the relationship between information from multiple platforms. Share and combine information from multiple organisations.

Build solutions for easier 1st line diagnostics/customer self-serve. Make technical issues easy to understand for your customers and support staff.

Reduce mean-time-to-innocence using a dependency view per customer to help your support staff quickly identify service issues.

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Llew Nicholls - Grow Marketing / Grow Coffee House

As with most businesses, we rely on robust internet connectivity and with 3 businesses on one site that adds to the intricacy. With SeeThru Networks we resolved a complex service issue affecting our network. Having a view of the service status across many providers was key in the speedy resolution of this issue.

Llew Nicholls, Grow Marketing / Grow Coffee House

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